Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kshatriya update 2, Arm, Music, sushi and more!

Alright gonna mix things up a little bit this time and see what happens. First, a japanese sushi place opened in my town not too long ago, and I finally got to go with two of my good friends, and it was pretty good. I wound up getting some volcano rolls, but I skipped on the Pain fried rice...

Next up! I ordered some packages (one last month that finally showed up, and one from last week)

Last week I was derping around on amazon and wanted to buy another kit to add to my backlog (like i need to do that) and decided I wanted to go back, and get a wing kit.  I've already got the Heavyarms EW in my backlog. so now I'm going to be adding the Wing Gundam EW to that as well. and I think this will be the first to tackle after i knock out all of my HG unicorn gundam kits. But the wing gundam (i don't remember if it was the HG 1/100 or the regular HG) was my first gundam kit, so naturally I'm pretty excited to revisit this, even if it isn't the same one. it'll be nice to see how it's been updated.

My other purchase was the 1/144 mechanical hands from hobby base, that I ordered from HLJ about a month ago. I actually forgot that i had ordered them. so when I got to my moms and had a package, it was a pleasant surprise. I ordered 2 sets, even though I'm not entirely sure what i want to put them on yet. I think I'll put one on my HG unicorn mode unicorn gundam, maybe i'll stick the others on the RG titans MK II.... we'll see.

Lastly before the Kshatriya update. I was sitting around thinking about it. and while I love building Gunpla, or models in general, I consider it almost a form of art like drawing or writing, or anything like that. but i think my favorite form is hands-down music. I love music more than anything out there, and I'm curious what other people are into musically. So firstly I'll leave a link to a Spotify playlist I've created. there's obviously more than 25 songs I listen to when I build gunpla, but I guess I just wanted to give a taste of the music that I'm into, and I welcome anybody to build playlists and share them with me, because I'm always looking for new music to listen to, but I guess music is such an inspiration to me, I want to see what music motivates, or drives you. so please don't hesitate to make a little playlist up and leave it in the comments here, or on reddit or on facebook or anywhere you can contact me and I'll do my best to check it out!

My gunpla spotify playlist!

Now on to the Kshatriya and MK II pictures! they're kind of light this time, I haven't had a ton of time to put into my builds this week. I finished the right arm of the Kshatriya. I'm off tonight so I'll be prepping the left arm for paint and when I'm done with that I'll probably knock one of the legs out on the Mk.II but we'll see where I end up. :D

I tried filling the base with a gundam panel-lining marker but it didn't seem to like the surface, even though the paint had dried several days. so I went with a light panel wash, I'll probably have to lay another layer on top to get it as bold as I want.

Next is the right arm, I went light on panel lines here, there's one or two i need to hit before i can call this piece 'done', mostly the bicep aarea and i'm still not sure if i wanna highlight the pieces that stick out of the shoulders. 

and for the titan i slapped the decals on the leg while hanging out with some friends one night and stuck it next to my dwarf figure I use for tabletop gaming ;P

anyway, sorry about being so light on content this week everybody. It's been one of those weeks. hopefully i'll be able to churn out something exciting for next week!

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