Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First actual Kshatriya WIP!

Alright, well I've been hard at work, (both at my actual job, and at this) I think I've figured out how to properly mix paint, once I actually figured out how to get it set up and running properly, I haven't had much problems with the airbrush, outside the actual learning curve associated with it. That said I think so far this has been a good project to learn on. It has a good mix of larger parts, and smaller parts, There are a few opportunities to use different colors, so I've gotten some experience in cleaning out my airbrush properly. another important lesson I feel like I've learned is patience. even moreso than with the unicorn gundam. I like to let the paint dry at least a full day before I start touching and messing with the pieces. typically I'll come home from work around 7-8am (I work graveyard shift) and I'll paint a few pieces, and then head to bed. when I get up I'll maybe knock a couple others out until all my little clips aren't vacant. For this project I'm also doing it one part at a time.

I started with the torso, I went through the instructions. I test-fitted each part to see how it worked in conjunction with the other parts, then i disassembled it and put each part on a clip, and strategically placed it on my little foam block. I primed the pieces one at a time using spray cans, and then after that dried I began to use the airbrush. Finally once everything was done being painted, I hand brushed details (the crest on the front of the cockpit, and i did some half-assed panel washes) I think that's how I'm gonna continue with the remainder of this project as I've already worked myself into a nice little groove and I think I'm working at a pretty good pace.

anyway, enough rambling, onto pictures!

This is easily my favorite part of the whole build so far. as soon as i saw this molded in green, I knew what i wanted to do with it. So I painted the entire part gunmetal, and after it dried a couple days, I masked off the pipe and painted the rest green (i think i used olive green for this part)

this piece was a test of my patience as well as a test of my hand. you can see i still have a little touching up to do. but it came out a lot better than i thought it would. so there's that.

i am incredibly happy with how this looks all put together. it's like i can really see all of my hard work and time. 

out of this. the only bad move i think i made was the yellow bits on the back. i might paint over those in green or black or..any color that isn't yellow. or maybe i'll go over it again and smooth it out some and tidy it up. I haven't decided yet.

the next pieces in the build are the head, and i'm going to knock out the first arm/shoulder. so expect to see that hopefully next week. :) another thing i've been working on is my RG Titans MKII. I don't remember where i left the last blog post off, so forgive me for any resposted pictures.