Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricanes and gundams and woo!

Well, here on the eastern shore (as well as a large portion of the east coast I'm sure) we've got a hurricane rolling in, which to me means I won't be able to properly work on my Kshatriya as I would like to, but that's life, when all this blows over (har har) Hopefully it'll still be nice enough outside for me to finish priming my Kshatriya and prepping the rest of it for airbrushing. so until that happens, I suppose that project is on hold. but on another note, I went ahead and ordered my first.... Perfect Grade! I also decided to do something a little different with this blog post, and I'll see how this works out vs. how I've been doing blog posts and go with what works best. As it stands now, I want to record a video and upload it to youtube, with a link to my blog and that will contain the video as well as some pictures of my work in progress, or my finished model.

Nothing's set in stone with that yet. Just experimenting with something a little different.  So weather and work aside I haven't gotten any work done with my Kshatriya besides priming all the pieces to the first leg and seperating everything by color for convenience. So for the Perfect grade, I've only finished the inner frame to one arm, I'm working on the second right now, I plan on fully constructing the inner frame before adding the outer armor, for that I think I'm going to panel line everything and add decals, then a layer of flat topcoat to eliminate the plastic-y shine from everything, and i think i'm gonna gloss or semi-gloss coat the inner frame, then stick everything together.

As far as modifications to the kit are concerned, I think I'm only going to change the LED in the eye from green to yellow, other than that the kit is exactly as I want it. anyway I think that's enough text for one post, time for a couple pictures!

Until next time!

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