Monday, August 27, 2012

RG Aile Strike gundam Part 2!!!

Oh snap, part two of my real grade Aile Strike gundam. Not a whole lot to say. still working with my new lining technique and trying to get some more of those small details in and painted and whatnot. Same as last time, I'll let the pictures do the talking ;D enjoy.

one thing I have to say about this, I painted the raised parts a 'gunmetal' using a small brush, and dotted details in flat steel. unfortunately this entire part will be covered so, when I'm done you won't see this at all. I guess it just makes me feel good to know it's done. haha.

I lined underneath the front and back skirts (I think the sideskirts had some lining as well) and did bolt detail on them as well.

Mechanical detail under the shoulders. all covered up, much like the hip-area. except this detail isn't as difficult to show off.

painted finger covers, and added metallic copper to the finger joints. as well as where the metallic stickers go on the front of the arm. (because they really don't stick too well)

still have a little touching up to do on the front and top of the torso. but it's mostly done as far as build/lining is concerned.

backshot. :D

Now all that's left is the head, weapons, and the Aile Striker. I'm really pleased with the detail I've put in so far. Can't wait to put this one up on the shelf.

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