Thursday, August 16, 2012

Master Grade Age-1 Titus

I've been working on my Master Grade Age-1 Titus for a while now. It's the first kit I decided I wanted to finish with spray paint. Here's a few pictures from my work in progress, up to where it is now, and I'll post occasional updates as the project comes to a close.

Just a quick snap build of the head and torso, most of the nub marks removed.

Then one major part at a time, I pulled everything apart, starting with the torso, and i sprayed everything with a layer of primer, and anything that was grey got sprayed with a different paint. I can't remember the exact name so I'll post that later.

Another thing that's nice to do, and helps save some time is to seperate each piece by color and put them in a different area than different colors while you paint. All of the greys are in one spot, blues, reds, yellows have all been seperated for this painting process, so I can paint them all up as i go along, and I won't have to keep switching between paints.

After the primer dried and the Darker paint dried, I removed all of the dark pieces from the clips and sat them aside in a bag. I took pieces i was still painting and masked everything that needed to be masked (in this case the black piece toward the bottom of the torso was masked and sprayed with a nickel color to show the vents off) Then I went over the primed pieces with the appropriate colors, let them dry for a few days (just to be on the safe side) and re-assembled them, I wore gloves in case the paint wasn't completely dry or was, I guess 'mushy' so I didn't leave any finger prints or anything in the paint.

Next I pieced his arms together and set them aside. The head has been disassembled and painted, but I lost a piece in that process. so I had to reorder one of the parts before I can re-assemble it. Anyway, next I disassembled the arm the same way I did the torso and head, and put them on the clips and spray painted them the same way.

Instead of just re-assembling all the pieces right away I laid all the pieces out and grabbed my toothpicks, I painted some tiny details on the parts, then I re-assembled the piece.

Next I applied decals to the arm and torso (I forgot to decal the torso earlier, but you can wait til' the end to do this if you really want) and test fit them to the torso.

I also painted the insides of the thrusters, and the ends of the spoiler on the backpack.

Next I did the other arm and did a mockup pose. I think this is pretty close to the pose i'm going to put him in when it's finished. The lower torso has also been painted here. Just have to get the piece for the head, and finish building and painting the legs. :D

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